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Win the Room LCC is a professional communication resource, specializing in executive communication and public speaking. Win The Room trains clients to sell their pitches to investors, present funding proposal, and land jobs with memborable interviews. Through a series of voice and presentation exercise, Win The Room transforms any speaker into a business leader. 

Kelly Hadous is the Founder of Win The Room, brining her financial expertise and psychology and performance background to clients. She represents the company at technology and economic conferences, as well as in group workshops that impart individual attention on each participant. Hadous is a former stock trader and actress, merging business and performance to demonstrate the impact of effective communication. 

Win The Room offers a variety of communication services, including Investor Pitching and Presentation; Voice, Clarity, and Accent Modification; Media Appearance Training; In-Person Presence; Crisis Strategy and Management; and many more. Please visit for more information on services, and feel free to inquire about your company needs. 

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